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Overcoming Barriers: Preparing a University for Differently Abled Students?

Education is much more than just the physical learning. The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction can also be defined as the delivery and receipt of a series of enlightening learning experiences.   For many, the learning part needs to include application of what was learned. Application, or use, seals the learning into the individual […]

ViewPlus® Announces Upgrade to its Braille Printer Software to Better Assist Teachers of the Visually Impaired Achieve Learning Breakthroughs  

For Immediate Release – June 17, 2022, Corvallis, OR  ViewPlus® Technologies, a Corvallis, OR based manufacturer of assisted learning technologies for the blind and visually impaired (BVI), is excited to announce the newest release of its Tiger Software Suite (TSS 8.0).   TSS 8.0 expands the ability of ViewPlus® Braille printer embossers to produce both standard […]

Whats New In Tiger Software Suite 8 (TSS8)

Word and Excel Add-In Enhancements: 1.     Customizable UEB Grade 2 contraction tables are available so users can enable and disable certain contractions when learning. Entry mask is provided when choosing English (Unified) Grade 2 under Braille settings in Tiger profile settings  Learning tables so you can enable and disable certain contractions  2.     Reformatting of page […]

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update ViewPlus Technologies is supporting our end users during COVID-19 The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a disruptive impact worldwide.  Throughout the last few weeks and moving forward we are striving to provide the best service we are known for while keeping everyone as safe as possible. We recognize that our devices are […]

A Dissertation from Mr. Jerome Mbago

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IMPROVING MATHEMATICS INSTRUCTIONS FOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS LEARNERS WITH VISUAL IMPAIRMENT IN KILIMANJARO AND TANGA REGIONS TANZANIA (THE ROLE OF MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE PLAN). The study aimed at investigating the role of mathematics and scienceplan on improving mathematics instructions for secondary schools learners with visualimpairment in Kilimanjaro and Tanga regions Tanzania. The study wasguided by four […]