Happy New Year!  

 It’s the time for making new resolutions and starting the new year with a fresh attitude and outlook. What are you going to focus on this year?  

At ViewPlus this year, we are going to focus on putting the A in STEAM. As in, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. We are slowly but surely seeing that Tactile Graphics are increasingly being recognized as essential, rather than just a “nice to have”. Perhaps you read our recent blog post about “A picture is worth more than 1000 words”?  

I recently had my own experience where I learnt something that I felt like I should have already known… but how can you know something if it’s not described well or accurately? Or if pictures only depict something in one dimension? I recently learned something about the size of the Statue of David. Perhaps you’ve seen it in person, but from all the pictures and brief descriptions I’ve ever come across (aka not specifically researching this topic) I’d never realized it’s 17 feet tall! That makes it even more impressive.  

Braille is already an established tool for the blind and visually impaired for describing objects in words, but tactile graphics is now adding even more information and detail, it’s effectively opening the world of possibilities for the blind and visually impaired in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.   

We at ViewPlus have recognized the importance of this but also the fear of material creating being time consuming and complicated. When creating our latest products, the Rogue Trac and Sheet, we have considered this and created our embossers to be top of the class in producing tactile graphics –special solenoids and TigerPlus Graphics ultimately allow for tight-knit dot placements which subsequently make graphics smooth and accurate, rather than the old “stepping staircase” straight line (which is not really straight at all!)  

But not only are lines and their distinctiveness is important, what about colors you may ask?? 

Using the latest Tiger Software Suite (TSS8), we can now assign a pattern with a certain color and create a pattern standard to effectively teach the blind and visually impaired about colors! This new ViewPlus Color Wheel takes it a step further and is starting to teach color mixing as well. So, when a Rogue Sheet embosser is paired with a cut sheet printed from a standard color printer, we can now produce a colored embossed copy of the ViewPlus Color Wheel!   

Use oversize paper to make those graphics even more impressive! 

Have we made you curious to find out more in person?  

At ATiA and CSUN 2023, ViewPlus is partnering with the talented blind film maker Ben Fox, his friend and Magician, and also Dancing Dots founder Bill McCann to make the various forms of Arts more accessible! Come and chat with us at our booth if you’re in the area and see what we’re up to…  

ATiA: 31 Jan – 4 Feb 2023, Caribe Royale Orlando (Booth #817)  

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference: March 13-17, 2023, Anaheim Marriott  

You can also order you own sample of our print outs here! 

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