BRAILLO Braille Printers

BRAILLO 300 S2 Braille Printer

The Affordable Entry Into True Production Braille Embossing

Considered the “entry level” Braillo, the 300 S2 is a reliable and dependable embosser for light to heavy Braille production. Embossing at 300 CPS (900 pages per hour) using continuous/fanfold Braille paper, it offers exceptional dot quality and reliability. Its combination of speed, durability, reliability and quietness are the reasons why it is used across the world by most of the largest Braille production facilities.

BRAILLO 450 S2 Braille Embosser

The Cornerstone of High Production Braille Businesses

The Braillo 450 S2 is an ideal embosser for those that need increased Braille output over the 300 S2, but not the speed and scalability of the 600 S2. It shares the same chassis as the 300 S2, but internal components are upgraded to ensure superior dot quality and consistency at these higher embossing speeds. Using continuous/fanfold Braille paper and embossing at 450 CPS (1,350 pages per hour), it will be a trusted, high speed asset to your business.

BRAILLO 600 S2 Braille Embosser

A High Speed Production Embosser With The Ability To Scale

The Braillo 600 S2 Braille embosser is the faster, more robust counterpart to the Braillo 450 S2. Embossing at 600 CPS (1,800 pages per hour), it is the fastest continuous/fanfold embosser available, and it offers remarkable dot quality and dependability. Its combination of speed, reliability and quietness are the reasons why its predecessor, the Braillo 600, is used across the world by most of the largest Braille production facilities. Unique to the 600 S2 is that it is built upon a chassis that can be upgraded to a Braillo 600 SR as your Braille production needs expand.

BRAILLO 600 SR Braille Embosser

The Ideal Braille Embosser for High Speed Braille Production Using Paper Rolls

The Braillo 600 SR Braille embosser is meant for large volume Braille production. This Braille embosser is unique, as it uses paper rolls instead of continuous tractor feed paper. Using Braille paper rolls helps to save money on paper expenses and also eliminates the need for a burster and its operator.

BRAILLO 650 SW Braille Embosser

The Ideal Production Braille Embosser for Creating Braille Books and Magazines

The Braillo 650 SW Braille Embosser employs a paper cutter for two or four page-per-sheet format, and a conveyor belt engineered to handle large format production. Using Braille paper in roll format, this embosser is ideal for creating both Braille magazines and textbooks.

BRAILLO 650 SF Braille Embosser

The Industry’s Only True Production Braille Embosser for Automated Braille Book Creation

The Braillo 650 SF is the world’s only fully automated Braille book production system. Send a file and pick up a finished, folded, covered and stapled book. The Braillo 650 SF makes “on-demand” Braille publishing possible.