Tiger Software Suite (TSS) 8

The videos in this playlist cover the following topics:

  • New features in TSS 8
  • Braille translation
  • UEB contraction tables
  • Using MathType
  • Creating tactile graphics

VP Web Clinic Webinars

The videos in this playlist cover the following topics:

  • Requirements for Windows
  • Braille translation in Word with TSS
  • Translation of Excel charts and graphs with TSS
  • Creating tactile graphics with VP embossers
  • Advanced editing of tactile graphics using Tiger Designer
  • Creating braille math using MathType and TSS

ViewPlus Embosser Setup

The videos in this playlist will cover included parts and set up for your SpotDot, Premier, Elite, IVEO Touchpad, Cub, or Max.

ViewPlus Tutorials

These videos cover a variety of topics including TSS features and tutorials, braille translation, creating tactile graphics, changing embosser and software settings, embossing from Excel and Word, and more.

Embosser Videos

This playlist contains videos with overviews for every ViewPlus embosser.

Most of our videos are on YouTube. Contact Us if you are having trouble accessing these videos.