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IVEO 3 Hands-On Learning System

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Using Sight, Sound, and Touch, IVEO allows users to understand tactile graphics in an engaging and interactive solution. Consisting of a powerful content creation software and an intuitive touchpad for audio-tactile response, IVEO provides unparalleled access to tactile information.

Version: 3.1.96

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Software Only Player Author Pro
View premade SVG files (download files for free)
Edit or manipulate existing SVG files within the IVEO software
Create SVG files within the IVEO software
Convert any image into SVG format using the powerful conversion tool
Convert PDF files, Word documents and more with OCR capabilities
Price Free $695

IVEO System Packages

IVEO – Interactive Tactile GraphicsOffer individuals with visual impairments unprecedented access to tactile information with IVEO. Our solution incorporates audio feedback with tactile graphics, providing an engaging and interactive way to understand complex, visually oriented information.IVEO – SIMPLE TO — USECreate, Emboss, Connect

  • Create an electronic IVEO File using the IVEO Author Pro software. An IVEO file associates a region or element of a tactile graphic with an audio clip.
  • Emboss your tactile graphic with a ViewPlus embosser. VP embossers that print with ink also provides visual feedback for individuals with low vision, in addition to the audio and tactile stimuli.
  • Connect your IVEO touchpad to a computer. Place the tactile graphic on the IVEO touchpad and, by tapping on the graphic, the embedded or linked audio clip will be played.

IVEO consists of two components; the software to create an IVEO file, and a touchpad to provide interaction with an IVEO file through a tactile graphic.

IVEO Hardware

The IVEO Touchpad connects your tactile graphic with an IVEO file, providing audio feedback and improved understanding.

IVEO (Hardware Only)

The IVEO Touchpad uses a capacitive touch screen that provides a connection between your IVEO file and the tactile graphic.

More Info About IVEO Hardware

IVEO Software

Create or Convert existing images to IVEO files using IVEO Author Pro.

IVEO Author Pro

With IVEO Author Pro, you can also convert any image into SVG format, including the embedded text with built in OCR capabilities for fast image conversion.

IVEO Player

IVEO files can be viewed directly on a computer monitor using the free IVEO Player. IVEO player helps users with cognitive disorders by providing interactive audio feedback that can be invaluable when understanding visual information.

Download Free IVEO Player

IVEO Author Pro

Add an IVEO touchpad with your IVEO Author Pro Software for the best audio-tactile experience. With powerful conversion tools and OCR capabilities, this package can’t be beat.

*Upgrades for the IVEO Author Pro contain software only.

IVEO Touchpad Specifications

Connection: USB

Power: Powered through USB

Height: 1.2 in (31 mm)

Width: 16.5 in (419 mm)

Depth: 13.6 in (345 mm)

Weight: 5 lbs (2,3 kg)

Languages Supported: German, Spanish, Polish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Russian, Norwegian, Italian

IVEO Software System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)/Vista (32 & 64 bit)/XP (32 bit)

Minimum Processor: Pentium 1GHz or better

Memory Requirements: 512MB Minimum

Storage Requirements: 350MB free

Display Resolution: 800×600 minimum

IVEO Examples IVEO Author Manual IVEO Player Manual IVEO Touchpad Installation Instructions IVEO Touchpad Setup Instructions Product Sheet

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