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  • Braille Literacy Month
    To kick off Braille Literacy Month, ViewPlus is working with T. Clay Wood Elementary School in Virginia and has donated 300 copies of our Howling Wolf page from our second coloring book.  When Jacoby, “Oby” Barker’s mother, Jina, reached out to us for help, we were more than excited to say YES!  TCWES mascot is…
  • Global Interest in Inclusivity
    Introduction: Here’s wishing you and yours the best for the holiday season and a fantastic 2024. As we wrap up 2023 and head towards the new year, I find myself reflecting once again.I’ve struggled with using the word “inclusivity” because of all its underlying implications, as well as my fear of sounding sanctimonious. However, I…
  • Tactile Coloring Book: Winter Holidays is Now Available!
    As we wrap up the 2023 show season and move into the holidays, we want to thank you for the incredible feedback we’ve gotten on our coloring books. What started as a fun project to showcase what can be created using our software and embossers has transformed into a long-term project to bring the joy…

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See for yourself how we’re using our variable dot heights and patterns to represent color in tactile graphics, and learn how our embossers can make your information truly accessible.

We met at TTAP, I work in a long term care with a woman with VI. We currently use a hot glue gun on coloring sheets to allow her the opportunity to participate in activities with her peers. She really loved this coloring book and, thanks to the braille labeled crayons you provided, she was as independent in completing this activity as she has ever been! Thanks so much!!”

Kim Ford
Woman holding a colored-in butterfly coloring book page

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