National Braille Week….

Did you know that this week is national Braille week? It is if you happen to live in the Scotland. This year, Royal Blind is going all out with a multi-sensory exhibition and performances at the Scottish Parliament.

National Braille Week (October 5-11) celebrates the continued use of Braille as a tactile system of reading and writing, to provide blind people with literacy, opportunity and independence.

For the first time, Royal Blind is putting on an exhibition and event in the Scottish Parliament to showcase the importance and use of Braille.

Among the exciting things that you can expect to see:

  • A poetry reading using a Braille note by 15 year old Royal Blind School pupil Andrew Pettigrew.
  • A piano performance using Braille by former Royal Blind School pupil and recent music graduate Amy Moar.
  • A simultaneous reading in Braille and text with author Sue Reid Sexton and Jim McCafferty.
  • A Braille proof reader from the Scottish Braille Press.

Royal Blind’s National Braille Week aims to raise awareness of the importance of being taught Braille for children with a visual impairment so they can achieve their potential.

Davina Shiell, marketing manager at Royal Blind, said: “Almost 200 years after its invention, Braille continues to have a vital importance in supporting literacy for blind people.”

We could not agree more. Keep up the great work Royal Blind. We hope to visit you on our next Scotch tasting tour….

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