NBA Fall Conference – Taming the Tiger

ViewPlus was invited to teach a workshop at the National Braille Association’s Fall Conference last week in Louisville. KY. The title of the workshop was ‘Taming the Tiger” and it was a fun class with a lot of interaction.

The “Tiger” Max embosser and I flew from Oregon to Kentucky via Denver on Friday and we were ready to go at 9 am Saturday morning. I took the class through the embosser features and all of the components of the Tiger Software Suite. We certainly tamed the “Tiger” as the attendees found new ways to work with braille and graphics, print from Corel draw, labeling and more. The NBA attendees were a great wealth of knowledge on Braille and graphics. I really love it when I can learn something new from a training!

Here is what I learned from my own training:

  1. When typing a braille label in Tiger Designer, you can type ASCII to get contracted braille.
  2. If you unplug your embosser from one USB port and then plug it back into a different port… you may not have access to all the settings in TSS. When in doubt, turn it all off and plug it back into the original port. Then it’s smooth sailing from there.
  3. The ladies room can be used as a Tornado Shelter…

Don’t worry, there wasn’t a tornado on Saturday, but the signs for the Tornado Shelters are above every restroom and they do make you take a second look out the big glass windows in the Louisville airport with some trepidation. Hurricane Patricia had many attendees leaving for the airport early on Saturday. The stormy weather certainly made for a bumpy ride from Kentucky to Chicago Saturday evening, but the “Tiger” and I got back to Oregon safe and sound Saturday night.

I’d like to thank Betty Marshall and Chris Clemens with the NBA for inviting us and helping me get setup at what was 5 am my time. I want to also thank everyone that attended the class. It was a pleasure to meet you all and hopefully your “Tigers” will be a little more tame from now on!


NBA Conference Program
NBA Conference Program


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