Exhibit for the blind sheds light on an overlooked ‘civil right’

In a new exhibit launched at the Creole Gallery in Lansing MI, artist Suellen Hozman has taken a new approach to providing accessible art.

Using Tiger Technology and mainstream graphic software, Hozman has created a photographic exhibit that is not only for the sighted. The set of 27 photographs of blind and visually impared residents from the Lansing area can be enjoyed by all.

Photos and graphics printed with the Tiger Braille Embossers can have up to seven different elevations of raised dots which help convey the contours of the image. Images can be printed from any mainstream graphics applications such as Corel or Photoshop running on Microsoft Windows.

The original article was written by Lawrence Cosentino for the Lansing City Pulse and was printed on July 3rd 2006.

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