Braille Printer Manufacturer ViewPlus Switches to CoCreate

FORT COLLINS, Colo. and SINDELFINGEN, Germany — June 20, 2006 — CoCreate Software, Inc., a leading provider of 3rd Generation PLM software applications, today announced ViewPlus Technologies has switched to CoCreate as its 3D product development platform.

ViewPlus revolutionized Braille printing with its patented embossing technology and now leads its industry in innovation and growth. Dr. John Gardner, a solid-state physicist from Oregon State University, started the company after a failed eye surgery. Suddenly blind, Gardner quickly learned that traditional Braille printing does not accommodate the graphs and charts used everywhere in his professional community. So, he launched ViewPlus and developed a patented technology that embosses graphical information in addition to text.

The company now combines both color ink jet and embossed technologies, bridging the gap between blind and sighted individuals in schools and in the workplace. Now, everyone can read and work from a common document.

With ViewPlus Technologies coming aboard as a new customer, CoCreate continues its leadership in the printer industry, moving deeper into specialized market segments.

ViewPlus’s former CAD software proved too slow and difficult for creating 3D models. The company changed systems because it wanted to:

  • stop manually reconciling the bill of materials before releasing a product to production, a process that could take up to 3 days.
  • accelerate product development with tools that help engineers quickly create 3D CAD models and associated 2D drawings.
  • design through exploration—instead of planning the entire design before committing it to 3D CAD.

ViewPlus evaluated both history-based and CoCreate’s history-free Dynamic Modeling™ approaches to 3D product development. CoCreate’s strengths in collaborative product development, its ability to rapidly respond to unexpected change, and affordable subscription licensing won over ViewPlus designers.

Growing companies operating in a startup mode have the same demands for enterprise class software as companies of any other size. What is more is the requirement to bring high impact tools into the company without breaking the bank. With CoCreate’s subscription licensing, companies ‘rent’ versus ‘buy’ software. This offers the purchasing flexibility to immediately access powerful 3D CAD and product development software at a much lower annual cost.

“We are a rapidly growing company. Subscription licensing lowered the upfront cost to access the CoCreate platform. We had done a multi-year financial analysis and subscription proved to be the best alternative for us,” said John Dion, ViewPlus Hardware Design Engineer.

This article was originally published on 2006-06-20 on the CoCreate website.

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