The Max has gone Rogue!

ViewPlus announces the VP Max has gone Rogue!

The world leader in tactile graphics and braille printers celebrates 25 years in business by releasing an amazing new set of embossers, the Rogue Trac and Rogue Sheet.

Image of VP Max and VP Rogue

Corvallis, OR: After many years of faithful service, the cult favorite VP Max embosser is retiring to make way for an exciting newcomer, the VP Rogue.  The VP Max is known for reliably embossing tactile graphics and braille for users all over the world.  One of its biggest claims to fame was being specifically chosen by Smarter Balanced to emboss tests for visually impaired students.  Now, the VP Rogue expands and enhances the role filled by the VP Max since 2009.  While ViewPlus has found recent success with its popular Power-Dot braille in the VP Columbia and VP Delta, the VP Rogue harkens back to ViewPlus’ roots as a specialty tactile graphics company.

ViewPlus CEO Dan Gardner said, “While it is sad to see what most people just call their Tiger (pet name for the VP Max printer) end a successful run, I’m excited to bring out our first new specialty tactile graphics printer in more than a decade, at a time when more and more of the world is recognizing the power of tactile graphics for learning and working in technology fields.”

While the VP Rogue is backwards compatible with the VP Max print files, it includes the best of the best in what we’ve learned about over the past 25 years of producing high-quality tactile graphics:

  • 12 Tiger solenoids to provide blazing fast embossing speeds for single-sided tactile graphics
  • Compatible 20 DPI modes for content created for older embosser models
  • Best graphics ever with 100 DPI grid and 20 DPI dot spacing to create smooth shapes and diagonal lines
  • New, enhanced, automated texture fill patterns to represent color (when combined with TSS 8)
  • Two models – one with continuous, tractor feed paper and a second with cut-sheet stack paper

About ViewPlus Technologies Inc: Since 2000, ViewPlus has developed and manufactured many braille and tactile graphics printers, hybrid ink/braille/tactile graphics printers, touchpads for audio tactile graphics and software solutions to support accessibility in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Key points:

  • Backwards compatible with VP Max and Tiger Pro – send PRN file directly to printer with Tiger Designer or Tiger Viewer or print using Tiger20 mode in printer driver
  • Best of both worlds tactile graphics – Tiger dot for tighter dot placement (20 DPI minimum spacing, like Tiger graphics) and floating rather than fixed grid for smoother graphics (100 DPI , like TigerPlus graphics)
  • Available in two models that vary only in paper type – either continuous (tractor) or cut-sheet stack paper feed, where both support paper up to 12 inches wide
    • Continuous is good for large print jobs that can be left unattended
    • Cut-sheet allows widest choice of paper types and sizes
  • Fastest ever desktop tactile graphics embosser with 12 solenoids
    • Trade off between original Max print files at speeds 25% faster or new best mode at slight increase in time compared to VP Max with VP Rogue
    • 120 CPS single-sided braille (equivalent to 240 CPS double-sided embosser)
  • New enhancements in TSS 8 to support automatic texture, tactile fill libraries to represent color
  • Precise alignment when using cut-sheet paper to print on ink printer first and then emboss on VP Rogue Sheet
    • Ink text interlined with braille
    • Full color ink images aligned with tactile graphics