REHA 2020

“This year, the Foundation as the main organizer of the Conference had a serious problem –
during the preparations for the Conference, at the turn of July and August, nobody knew the
epidemic situation that we would have in Poland, Europe and the world in mid-September.
We believed that Covid-19 would weaken and the meetings we were organizing would gather
as many people as possible. However, we were prepared for different scenarios. We could
participate in the Conference either in person or on-line. Exhibitors could also take advantage
of this choice. And so it happened. The Foundation organized exhibition stands for the
most courageous and those who care the most about the Polish market and the rehabilitation
of Polish blind and partially sighted people. Producers and sellers could be present at their
stands on site or remotely. When they chose the latter option, our Beneficiaries could listen
to their audio-video presentations. They were watched by guests present at the conference
halls and by Internet users from Poland and abroad. A special broadcast and interpretation
of speeches into many popular languages was used.” – REHA

Post-Conference Bulletin
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