New IVEO Software Makes Pictures Speak

Corvallis Oregon May 25 2005 – ViewPlus® Technologies today announced the release of IVEO® software to add audio labels to digital images to make learning more interesting and accessible.

Websites and textbooks are loaded with images and diagrams that can be difficult to interpret by people with learning and visual disabilities. IVEO®allows pictures to be labeled with audio tags making them more interactive and inclusive for the reader.

Different components of an image can be individually labeled with speaking tags in IVEO™. By navigating with a mouse or keyboard one can hear the labels assigned to each part of a diagram or image enhancing comprehension beyond use of vision alone.

For blind people as well as sighted tactile/kinesthetic (touch) learners IVEO®has an optional hardware component called the IVEO®Touchpad. Tactile printouts can be placed on the IVEO®Touchpad to provide an alternative display of images on the computer screen. Users can then read printouts through a combination of sight and touch receiving audio feedback as they explore the image.

It can be difficult for teachers to identify their students’ subtle learning and sensory disabilities and adapt to individual learning styles. With IVEO®identification and special treatment are unnecessary since it incorporates all three learning modalities – tactile/kinesthetic auditory and visual. No matter the learning style images can be interpreted effectively by anyone using the IVEO®software and IVEO®Touchpad. Plus IVEO®makes learning more fun and interactive for all students.

It is easy to create IVEO®documents. IVEO®includes drawing writing and editing tools for making tactile/audio/visual files like speaking maps and diagrams. Images can also be imported from most Windows programs as well as from clipart or bitmaps. The IVEO®software package even includes a scanning and OCR feature for seamless importing of printed pictures and images.

“The power and versatility of IVEO®makes it the perfect addition to the classroom” says Jeff Gardner ViewPlus VP of Sales & Marketing. “Now teachers can easily create lessons that are effective for students with special needs and make learning more engaging for everyone else in the process.”

The IVEO®Creator software and IVEO®Touchpad can be purchased separately or as a discounted set. The IVEO®Viewer is also available as a free download to enable easy sharing of files made in the IVEO®Creator software.

ViewPlus® Technologies Inc. ViewPlus Technologies Inc. is a private firm that develops and manufactures hardware and software for people with sensory disabilities including people who are blind low-vision and learning disabled. For more information please visit the ViewPlus website at, send email to, or call 541.754.4002.

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