Introducing the new Power-Dot

NEW Power-Dot™ Braille

ViewPlus is known for embossing outstanding tactile graphics and is now proud to offer the strongest and most readable braille dot of any desktop braille printer, while maintaining a pleasing rounded dot shape with Power-Dot Braille. The VP Delta 2 and VP Columbia 2 still emboss high-resolution tactile graphics and Library of Congress (LOC) braille. However, for those wishing for an extremely strong braille dot, Power-Dot Braille is now available.

ViewPlus and Braillo, the perfect combination:

For years, people have recognized the unparalleled quality of braille created by Braillo production braille embossers. ViewPlus and Braillo have a strong partnership based on the common mission of delivering the best reading experience to braille lovers. Braillo collaborated with ViewPlus to help achieve a better reading experience by refining the embossed braille dot using their combined decades of experience in the area. The resulting desktop braille and tactile graphics printers with Power-Dot Braille from ViewPlus deliver excellent readability.