Introducing Everyday Braille Solutions!

Which solution is right for you?

Choose from the following:

Beginning Braille Aide
Perfect for teachers and other professionals, this package provides everything you need to make your educational and workplace materials accessible!

Math Made Simple
The perfect combination of hardware and software to make braille math, graphs, and charts accessible to students of any level!

Inclusive Tactile Learning
This hands-on learning package makes mainstream curricula fun and interactive! The combination of sight, sound, and touch makes learning effortless for all!

Office Production Assistant
With the latest in high-volume printing technology, braille production is a breeze. Choose between three embossing options: double-sided printing, ink and braille in one pass, or both! Tiger braille and graphic production has never been easier!

  • Ink and Braille Printing
  • Double-Sided Printing
  • Platinum Production
    (Double-sided + ink and braille printing)

All packages include:

  • Tiger braille printer
  • All required software and upgrades
  • Warranty, repair, tutorials, and support services
  • Customized on-site and online trainings
  • Braille paper and ink cartridges (if applicable)

For Everyday Braille Solutions package details please visit
*Everyday Braille Solutions available in USA & Canada only.

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