Fun with Braille

We at ViewPlus are continually inspired when we see new uses for Braille that challenge existing conceptions. This week, we were impressed to learn about the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind’s Braille Rallye. The Braille Rallye takes place every year in Fairfax Virginia. Owners of vintage M.G. cars are paired with blind children or adults who can read Braille. The blind person is provided with instructions in Braille on how to complete the course. The instructions indicate which route to take and reference landmarks along the way. The driver and the blind person must work as a team to get to the finish line in the most direct way possible. The winner is the team that finishes the course closest to the predicted time. Read about the adventures of one of this year’s participants here:

Braille Rallye 2015

Braille Rallye

We also love this local business in Beijing China called Codekey Cookies. Codekey Cookies creates wonderfully tasty Mooncakes and Cookies and they will even send a blind person to deliver them to you at your local Metro stop! We love that Codekey Cookies are run by a blind team and employ several blind staff. But the best part is these delicious confections are uniquely adorned with Braille characters! While we have not seen a ViewPlus printer that can print Braille on cookies, we would sure love to sample one of these tasty treats. Read more here:

Codekey Cookies

Codekey Cookies 2


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