Braille Math Translation Made Easy with the Tiger Software Suite

October 23, 2008 Corvallis Oregon — ViewPlus Technologies and Design Science announced today the release of a new update to the ViewPlus Tiger Software Suite 4 (TSS) for braille math support within Microsoft Word. The new version TSS 4.1 works with Design Science’s MathType version 5.0 or higher, allowing users to create mathematical equations within MathType and translate to braille with one touch.

The collaboration between ViewPlus and Design Science has provided users with a new option for creating custom math documents. Users who prefer to create documents within MS Word can insert equations from MathType, add desired text and graphics, and translate to braille in one easy step. Equations will appear in both braille and ink allowing sighted readers to follow along. The documents can then be embossed using a Tiger embosser for high resolution tactile output.
“TSS is another example of the fruitful cooperation between Design Science and ViewPlus. TSS makes authoring and reading documents that contain math easier than ever. Math is taught everyday in every school, and using MathType and TSS makes it easy for teachers to provide access to materials for everyone in the classroom, whether they are sighted or not,” said Neil Soiffer, Senior Scientist at Design Science.

The Tiger Software Suite currently outputs to Nemeth and LaTeX, and additional math codes will be available in 2009. The braille math translator within TSS is a free update for current 4.0 users.

For more information about the Tiger Software Suite with braille math support please visit:
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About ViewPlus Technologies
ViewPlus Technologies, Inc. is a private firm that develops and manufactures hardware and software for people with sensory disabilities, including people who are blind, people who have low vision and those who are learning disabled. For more information please visit the ViewPlus website,, email, or call 541.754.4002.

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Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Long Beach, California, Design Science develops software used by publishing professionals, educators and scientists, including MathType, Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, WebEQ, MathFlow and MathPlayer, to communicate on the web and in print. For more information please visit

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