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Abstract: The new ViewPlus Ink Pro Embosser permits users to emboss documents and overprint them with black ink. The new ViewPlus EmPrint produces a high-resolution color embossed image. Both printers employ HP ink jets, and both use Viewplus’s patented Tiger embossing technology. Both have a number of user options, including the ability to print original […]

New Technologies for Accessible Tactile Math and Accessible Graphics

Tactile Spatial Math Sighted scientists use two-dimensional math equations, because they provide the most intuitive way to represent the math. Any equation can also be written in a linear form, eg LaTeX code, Fortran, BASIC, and C computer codes. Although often more space-efficient than 2D equations, linear equations become very cumbersome for even moderately complex […]

The ViewPlus IVEO Scalable Vector Graphics Technology for Universally Usable Complex Information

Abstract The new ViewPlus IVEO Creator computer application enables authors easily to make graphical information in Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) format with features permitting universal accessibility. Simple graphics can be authored in IVEO Creator, but its greatest power is its ability to import almost any format computer file and easily convert to SVG with necessary […]

Braille, Innovations, and Over-Specified Standards

Abstract The new Tiger embossing technology, developed in the author’s research group, produces more readable Braille than conventional embossers. The better readability traces to a smaller diameter embossed dot than that made by conventional technology. Some sighted Braille experts initially leveled criticism at the new technology on the grounds that this dot diameter is smaller […]


Abstract This panel session discusses new approaches to making mathematical expressions accessible to computer users with print-disabilities. The panel members focus on three software products: WinTriangle[6], ChattyInfty[9], and MathPlayer[4]. All three are accessible presently in audio, and all either have or will soon have Braille access. The panel will also present background information and related […]

Scientific Diagrams Made Easy with IVEO™

Abstract: Virtually all modern scientific documents and textbooks use graphical illustrations and/or data displays. The ViewPlus IVEO™ technology, based on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is being developed to permit scientists to publish such graphics in a form fully usable by all people. The first release of IVEO™ was designed to make simple graphics accessible. Development […]

Braille Math Made Easy With The Tiger Formatter

Abstract: The Tiger® Braille Formatter is a Windows® software application used to transform MS Office documents into a form suitable for embossing on ViewPlus® Tiger® technology embossers. Tiger® embossers have 20 dots per inch resolution and can emboss Braille and tactile graphics with variable height dots. The Formatter’s primary purpose is to replace text with […]

Accessible DAISY SVG Graphics with ViewPlus IVEO

A DAISY working group is currently developing a recommendation permitting rich graphical information to be included in DAISY books using the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) format. The ViewPlus IVEO SVG system, which will be described and demonstrated in this lecture, has been developed for just such a use. The IVEO Creator authoring application permits scanned […]

Audio/Touch Access to Paintings using ViewPlus IVEO

Two dimensional graphical information can be made quite accessible to blind people with “audio/touch”. Two dimensional art is one example. The Mona Lisa has been chosen to illustrate such accessibility. A good quality image of the famous painting was imported into the ViewPlus IVEO Creator application and saved as an IVEO Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) […]

Accessing Graphical Information in Future DAISY Books

This presentation was a demonstration of graphics access similar to what is anticipated for future DAISY books. Portable DAISY audio players will provide at least the title and description of the graphic. Fully aware DAISY software viewers will have much richer capabilities. The graphic itself will be displayed on screen. When focus moves to that […]