Accessible DAISY SVG Graphics with ViewPlus IVEO

A DAISY working group is currently developing a recommendation permitting rich graphical information to be included in DAISY books using the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) format. The ViewPlus IVEO SVG system, which will be described and demonstrated in this lecture, has been developed for just such a use. The IVEO Creator authoring application permits scanned graphics or any modern electronic format to be converted easily to accessible SVG. Creator permits text and objects to be structured and edited for maximum accessibility. The IVEO Viewer is free software that can be used by people with print disabilities to access the SVG graphic visually and with audio or Braille enhancements. People who are blind, severely dyslexic, or who cannot use a standard mouse may hear the audio by using a tactile copy of the SVG graphic mounted on almost any touch or pen pad. A mouse-down event on a graphical object causes the object label to be spoken. SVG text is also spoken when clicked with the mouse. Graphical objects may have descriptions that can be heard or browsed in audio. All audio information is also presented in a status line that can be viewed in any font or read on an on-line Braille display. All SVG capabilities are available in IVEO including ability to zoom in, link to other files, and permit a wide range of interactivity. Tactile copy may be made by printing from the IVEO Viewer to any ViewPlus embosser. Such copies may be made by the user or prepared and distributed by agencies.

This development was supported in part by Small Business Innovation Research grants from the National Science Foundation.

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