Tactile Coloring Book: Winter Holidays is Now Available!

As we wrap up the 2023 show season and move into the holidays, we want to thank you for the incredible feedback we’ve gotten on our coloring books. What started as a fun project to showcase what can be created using our software and embossers has transformed into a long-term project to bring the joy of coloring (and other activities which are still in development!) to hundreds of people through accessible coloring pages.

So far we’ve released two different coloring books, and today we’re ready to release our third volume! The Tactile Coloring Book: Winter Holidays features themed pages for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, as well as general winter activities. As with our other volumes, you can purchase this book on our online store with an optional add-on of braille-labeled crayons.

In line with the spirit of the holidays, we are running a special promotion for our latest coloring book. When you purchase a coloring book from our shop, we’ll send you a coupon code for a free coloring book which you can send to a friend or loved one! It’s our way of spreading joy and creativity this holiday season. This promotion will run until the end of December.

If you happen to have your own ViewPlus embosser and would like to print our coloring pages yourself, you can find a free download of the entire book on our Downloads page, or under the Download tab of the store page. Each book (including our newest one) is also available in a .docx format, which is compatible with all ViewPlus embossers!

Whether you purchase a book from us or print your own, we would love to hear what you think! Share your favorite coloring page experiences or send us your suggestions for future pages. Here are some testimonials from a few people who have tried our coloring books:

We met at TTAP, I work in a long term care with a woman with VI. We currently use a hot glue gun on coloring sheets to allow her the opportunity to participate in activities with her peers. She really loved this coloring book and, thanks to the braille labeled crayons you provided, she was as independent in completing this activity as she has ever been! Thanks so much!!

This is one amazing coloring book for the blind! All she can see is a red colored pin sized circle in her right eye for a few years and now she can do one of her favorite hobbies again! The crayons are great and they don’t roll away, the wax isn’t too hard so it is easy to use. Please make more!

One of the first pictures that I colored was the elephant. My best friend is really into elephants, and I had colored it and rolled it up and put it in her mailbox cause I was visiting a neighbor friend of ours. And she was so happy to receive it, and it just felt good that I could do that and it be the simplest thing. I got both books and the coloring crayons. And I’m enjoying that being able to have some thing in my hands that I don’t have to ask somebody where I can see it I can touch it. I can feel it myself. So thank you for providing such a wonderful activity to do.

We at ViewPlus wish you all a happy holiday season, and we hope to see you next year!

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