•  It’s the time for making new resolutions and starting the new year with a fresh attitude and outlook. What are you going to focus on this year?  

    At ViewPlus this year, we are going to focus on putting the […]

  • Hello everyone! My name is Ashley Neybert and I am ViewPlus’ newest Accessibility Specialist. I am also legally blind and thought it might be good for everyone to know some of the adaptations I make in my daily l […]

  • Throughout my life I have heard the phrase “a picture is worth 1000 words”. Is this true? Why would a picture be important? I can think of several scenarios where it is just too difficult to explain to som […]

  • For both students and teachers, the start of a new school year brings with it challenges – some new and some recurring.  

    In our previous post, “Overcoming Barriers: preparing a university for diffe […]

  • August is for many, (with varying degrees of enthusiasm) the time when thinking about going back to school. This is related to different investments, new clothing, schoolbooks and much more, or simply the […]

  • Education is much more than just the physical learning. The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction can also be defined as the delivery and receipt of a series of enlightening learning […]

  • Teachers of the visually impaired (TVI) are periodically faced with the need to procure a braille embosser to enable student development. Simply asking the procurement function, special education department, or […]

  • For Immediate Release – June 17, 2022, Corvallis, OR 

    ViewPlus® Technologies, a Corvallis, OR based manufacturer of assisted learning technologies for the blind and visually impaired (BVI), is excited to […]

  • Word and Excel Add-In Enhancements:
    1.     Customizable UEB Grade 2 contraction tables are available so users can enable and disable certain contractions when learning.

    Entry mask is provided when choosing Eng […]

  • Dan Gardner wrote a new post 8 months ago

    If you are a teacher of the visually impaired, you are likely very busy. In addition to the actual teaching time required to instruct your student, you need to plan and tailor their lessons, coordinate with the […]

  • This foundational blogpost is the first of a continuing series that will offer innovative perspectives, learning approaches, and identify assisted learning technologies that will enable the realization of the […]

  • ViewPlus is excited to attend CSUN this year IN-PERSON with Irie-AT!

    Stop by our booth to experience what is new at ViewPlus including the VP Rogue

    After many years of faithful service, the cult favorite V […]

  • ViewPlus announces the VP Max has gone Rogue!

    The world leader in tactile graphics and braille printers celebrates 25 years in business by releasing an amazing new set of embossers, the VP Rogue Trac and VP […]

  • I keep thinking about how to solve some of the huge challenges for engaging blind kids with STEM. I can see where it is totally overwhelming for parents and teacher to learn about all the options on top of all […]

  • I have written and scrapped a few different blog post ideas over the past several weeks.  I still do plan to write on a weekly basis.  My excuse is that three weeks ago I had knee surgery to repair a torn m […]

  • Thanks for commenting Will. No, I’m not looking for recognition. I’m looking for engagement at a deeper level to do more. What’s working and what’s not for blind students and professionals in STEM?

  • I just realized that it has been more than 5 years since I’ve written one of these.  So much for documenting the experience of being the new CEO of ViewPlus.  I guess I’ve just had more time to think over the p […]

  • The EmBraille: my Favorite Piece of Technologyby – Jane Carona Sheehan

    I’m no stranger to Braille embossers.  Years ago I had a Romeo RB-20, and then I graduated to a lovely Juliet interpoint embosser.  Those d […]

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