Scientific Journals Go DAISY

ViewPlus is collaborating with the American Physical Society (APS), DAISY, and several other companies and agencies to enable APS to publish its scientific journals in the highly accessible DAISY XML […]

Making Journals Accessible to the Visually-Impaired – The Future is Near

Computers have revolutionized information accessibility for people who are blind or have other serious print disabilities. When information was distributed primarily on paper, it was necessary for a sighted human […]

DotsPlus Braille for the Mainstream Teacher

DotsPlus Braille was developed to facilitate written scientific communication between mainstream people and blind braille readers. DotsPlus reads much like grade 1 braille except that many intuitive non-braille symbols are […]

Easy to Make accessible Scientific Graphics

A person with a severe print disability can read figures from scientific documents, homework assignments, test, lecture handouts etc. using “audio/touch”. A SVG copy of the figure is opened in […]

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