Braille Solutions

The unique feature to tactile graphics produced with ViewPlus embossers is the touchable representation of colors through variable dot heights. What you see on the screen is what ViewPlus embossers will print, producing lower tactile dots for lighter colors and higher tactile dots for darker colors.

ViewPlus solutions include Windows printer drivers that will allow embossing directly from windows programs, utilizing the same process as printing to main stream color printers. Additionally, direct printing from braille note takers is also supported.

Though VP embossers are compatible with other braille translation software, like Duxbury, and RTFC, ViewPlus also offers Tiger Software Suite (TSS) for braille translation, tactile graphics design, and more. TSS allows the user to create braille documents in standard Windows programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel without needing to know braille.

The tactile graphics editor, Tiger Designer, which is part of the TSS package, allows editing of the print data visualized on screen in 1-to-1 correlation as it would appear on the embossed output.