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  • ViewPlus IVEO

    IVEO Hands-On Learning System

    Using Sight, Sound, and Touch, IVEO allows users to understand tactile graphics in an engaging and interactive solution. Consisting of a powerful content creation software and an intuitive touchpad for audio-tactile response, IVEO provides unparalleled access to tactile information.

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  • ViewPlus Audio Graphing Calculator

    Audio Graphing Calculator

    AGC offers the functionality of handheld scientific calculator with a fully accessible interface and uses intuitive audio feedback to provide insights into charts and graphs. AGC can also emboss directly to your ViewPlus embosser allowing users to concentrate on learning math, not learning a new software.

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  • viewplus_usb_web

    Tiger Software Suite (TSS)

    TSS provides powerful Braille translation with intuitive controls directly from Microsoft Word and Excel. Complete with graphics editing software and full ink support, TSS provides everything you need to utilize VP embossers to their fullest potential.

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