Smarter Balanced

What is Smarter Balanced?

New state standards are challenging students to understand subject matter more deeply, think more critically, and apply their learning to the real world. To measure these new state standards, educators from Smarter Balanced states worked together to develop new, high-quality assessments in English and math for grades 3–8 and high school. These Smarter Balanced assessments provide more accurate and meaningful information about what students are learning by adapting to each student’s ability, giving teachers and parents better information to help students succeed in school and after.

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Photo of the Rogue Sheet embosser

What if I need a braille printer for one of my kids?

For Educators and Parents the only Assistive Technology Braille Printer approved is the VP Rogue!

Printing 120 characters per second at a High-Quality single sided Braille. It’s Industry Leading in Tactile Graphics, with Tractor-fed paper, Translation and Graphics Editing Software included. Featuring Worry-Free Maintenance and a 1 Year Standard Warranty.

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What If I already have a VP Rogue? What all can I use it for?

The Rogue has a ton of features! Feel free to watch the video below on how to set it up and click here for more tutorials.

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