BGAssist Ltd.

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Address: 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, Post Box 512
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Phone: +359886409440

BGAssist Ltd. company was established in 2007 to fill niche of goods and services for people with visual, and other kinds of disabilities. BGAssist Ltd. Has developed, imported, and supplied technical aids, specialized hardware and software products for people with disabilities, as well as consultations and training. BGAssist has delivered products and services to the Ministry of education and science, Sofia Airport, and Schools for blind children in the cities of Sofia and Varna, Metropolitan municipality, other local authorities in the country, as well as some private companies and NGOs. BGAssist’s success is guaranteed by employing consultants from main target group of customers, people with visual impairments. Our main consultants are disabled people and we rely on their specific knowledge about the needs of the people with disabilities in Bulgaria.