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Address: Av. Salvador 1330 , Providencia 7501330, Santiago CHILE

Phone: (562) 2341-6506
Website: www.ayudastecnologicasvisuales.cl

ATV® is a company that has a responsibility to promote changes in public and private systems to increase access to assistive technology for people with disabilities (s). The

PHILOSOPHY of ATV® is based on the principle that everyone remembers they have and share universal rights. It is for this reason that supports and enacts the inclusion of persons with disabilities (s) in society. It recognizes that united as social beings achieve a world where individual differences are a natural part of community life. The

MISSION of ATV® is to impact the lives of people with disabilities (s) through changes in systems and promoting the use services and assistive technology equipment to improve their capacity for independence. the

VISION of ATV® focuses on helping people with disabilities (s) become independent and productive, through the use of equipment and services technological assistance.