Columbia/Delta Firmware

Compatible with the Columbia/Delta embosser
Latest Release: 11.14.33

System Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

Firmware update packages will erase the existing firmware on your printer and update your printer to the current released version.

Installation Instructions

Click on the link to download the .exe file containing the updater.
Ensure your printer is connected to your PC and turn it on.
Run the firmware updater.
Select the desired printer in the Printer drop down menu, and then click “Connect.”
Once the printer has connected to the software, the “Update Firmware” button will be enabled.
Click the “Update Firmware” button and wait for the printer to reset.
Close the Columbia Firmware Updater, then turn your printer off and back on again, to complete the firmware upgrade process.

Note: Once the update has successfully completed, you will need to power your printer off & on.

Updating Drivers/Firmware: It is recommended that when you update drivers/firmware to update both at the same time to the latest version.

ALERT: It is mandatory for all customers to download and update the Columbia/Delta Firmware to version 11.11.24 or later in order to address some bug fixes and take advantages of the latest improvements.