Color InkConnect

We’re proud to introduce the Color InkConnect from ViewPlus Technologies, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of braille printing and educational tools.

The addition of COLOR to our renowned tactile graphics and braille output enhances collaborative opportunities for educators and students alike, enabling shared experiences across the visual spectrum. With the Color InkConnect, we’re not just including color; we’re transforming the way content is communicated, offering a richer, more engaging experience for everyone involved.

As we anticipate the future release of Inclusio, consider this our step towards a more connected and accessible world, where color serves as a bridge, not a barrier.

The Color InkConnect represents a significant advancement from ViewPlus, setting a new benchmark in multi-dot height tactile graphics and braille production. This powerhouse of productivity enhances quality while drastically reducing the time involved in creating accessible content.

As the demand for inclusive educational and professional materials, especially in the STEAM fields, reaches new heights, the Color InkConnect delivers. It boasts unparalleled ease-of-use, with the ability to translate color into varied dot heights or textures, seamlessly. Users can craft content in familiar software environments like Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw, complemented by the versatile Tiger Software Suite for braille integration, including auto-generated interline text.

Standing head and shoulders above other market offerings, the Color InkConnect redefines value, challenging the status quo of microcapsule and UV ink alternatives with its standard paper and inkjet capabilities.

For those who have grown with ViewPlus technologies, the Color InkConnect marks a milestone, offering leaps in speed and adaptability compared to our earlier SpotDot and the original black InkConnect systems. It also supports double-sided braille and wide-format paper, unlocking new creative possibilities. When contrasted with our dual-pass systems like the Delta and Rogue Sheet, this solution is a game-changer, enabling high-volume, efficient production without compromise.