Tim Fahlberg – MathTeacher

Just wanted to say thanks to both of you and your teams as I’ve been able to start making lots of accessible UEB + Nemeth flashcards with our new Delta 2! You and your teams’ work continue to make a big difference in the education of my students and in giving me more joy in […]

Miranda-Lin Bailey, Texas

If you want to be reminded about the difference you are making, please know that my daughter, who is 8, has been flourishing under homeschool, thanks to your products.  I’ve been able to customize her curriculum to suit her perfectly.  Before Covid, I had zero knowledge of Braille or Braille tech.  Once I realized how […]

CSUN Braille Buddy Winner 2019

“As a blind employee I rely on assistive technology to do my work. However, when I was employed not all accommodations could be funded by my employer. One accommodation that couldn’t be granted was a braille embosser. Now I have a buddy braille embosser and doors are opening for me now. Before I required such […]

Tolga Karatas

I have a embraille embosser and it’s the worlds best embosser! I have had it for over two years and it’s great. I have been using braille since after I was born and it has made me independent again. before I was using jaws but I’ve gone back to braille again thanks to one of […]

Suellen Hozman

I photographed 28 people who are blind in the Lansing area and had all of the portraits reproduced in tactile graphics. The portraits were a big hit during the show. People were able to identify most facial features. Frankly, what was most rewarding was people identifying features that sighted people take for granted. For example, […]

Jeanette McAllister, PhD

Oh my goodness, where do I start? I absolutely love my Embraille. I travel a lot on business, and I may be in one location for a couple weeks at a time. I use Braille constantly, and there are times when I need Braille notes to be able to conduct my Seminars and meetings. The […]

Penny Chong

When the Premier arrived, we arranged with the friendly ViewPlus staff for an online training tutorial on SKYPE on how to use the Tiger Suite Software (TSS) that comes with the Premier. The TSS is both simple and user-friendly. We managed to equip ourselves with a good basic knowledge of TSS and we were ready […]

Dr. Samuel Maddimadugula

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial in support of the Tiger suite of the latest embossed print technology. Two years ago, I started working with the first model of the haptic emprint embosser (the first in New Zealand) to produce tactile formats in biology and math and was absolutely fascinated at its […]

Amanda J. English

I wanted to share with you the wonderful opportunities my student has had with the new AGC software. Brandon is a 9th grader in Kalamazoo County. He has been a hard working technically inclined student all of his life. This year, Brandon began Algebra. He understood the concepts and was doing very well in his […]

Suellen Hozman

Facial Vision is an art show that premiered July 9, 2006 at the Creole Gallery in Lansing, MI. I am a dinosaur black and white photographer who shoots with available light and prints on fiber based paper. I photographed 28 people who are blind in the Lansing area and had all of the portraits reproduced […]