Penny Chong

When the Premier arrived, we arranged with the friendly ViewPlus staff for an online training tutorial on SKYPE on how to use the Tiger Suite Software (TSS) that comes with the Premier. The TSS is both simple and user-friendly. We managed to equip ourselves with a good basic knowledge of TSS and we were ready to use our new Premier for our Braille production!
We were thrilled and pleased with the fast speed and relatively less noisy feature of the Premier. We can emboss materials even during our coaching sessions with our students. With its fast speed and user-friendly TSS, we were able to produce materials in a much shorter time.
It has one very powerful advantage over other embossers, that is, it embosses excellent tactile diagrams! Instead of having to draw diagrams manually on paper (which is only a single copy each time), we can now make use of the soft-copies of the diagrams, do some simple editing and send the diagrams for embossing on the premier (multiple copies)! I have not seen better quality tactile diagrams produced on other embossers; they are excellent!
Not forgetting ViewPlus customer service is excellent as well! We communicate constantly via emails to solve some problems when we do not know how to execute a certain command. Their customer support manager and her team constantly help us trouble-shoot and solve the problems we faced. Their almost immediate response is impressive! Currently, they are still helping us resolve some issues due to our brailling needs in Singapore, but they are always there when we needed help. When Viewplus CEO and marketing manager visited Singapore in April this year for an exhibition, they helped us update the software and firmware for our Premier. It greatly enhanced the quality of the Braille dots and now it embosses better quality Braille and tactile diagrams.
We are truly happy and satisfied with our new Premier. I call it my little baby despite the frequent teasing from my colleagues and even students!