Joe Renzi

In the fall of 2005 I received my PIA, (Pro Ink Attachment), for my Tiger Pro. I realized its true power and flexibility only a month later.

In early September, I took a class in formal computer languages from a professor for whom English is a second language. I couldn’t have taken this class from this knowledgable man without the Pro and PIA. It would have been difficult for him to help me with the class’s lecture notes downloaded from the web if he could not see where I was pointing. The ability to have ink and Braille print simultaneously made all the difference in the world.

Also, the Pro’s ability to simultaneously and conveniently print/Braille computer graphics without a special braille package or set of mark-up codes made real time interaction with computer produced diagrams a reality. What the sighted see is what I feel. This technology didn’t exist before and I can do things I couldn’t do before.

Viewplus’s suite of hardware and software really make Windows applications come alive. I can look at tables in word just like a sighted person and actually see the shape of the cell change as text is inserted or deleted. I can speak with my sighted colleagues using the same visual metaphores as they would when describing page layout.

This is the first really revolutionary product for the blind and it simply blows away the competition if there even is any. It presents as big a break through for the blind as when Louis Braille invented the stuff. My life is impacted forever, it’s like salvation … You may think this is an over statement on my part but you have to feel it to believe it. The party has started; everyone’s invited ; and the price of admission is to own this fabulous machine. You wont regret it, I promise!