CSUN Braille Buddy Winner 2019

“As a blind employee I rely on assistive technology to do my work. However, when I was employed not all accommodations could be funded by my employer. One accommodation that couldn’t be granted was a braille embosser. Now I have a buddy braille embosser and doors are opening for me now. Before I required such large font my printed documents were huge and cumbersome. With my braille embosser I can now print my documents directly from word to braille and it is much better for me. Now, I can read braille documents without straining my eyes and this means the world to me.

Also, I work teaching technology at an independent living center and the embosser gives me the ability to print braille brochures and handouts about our services for clients, increasing accessibility for these clients. And I am very excited about the possibility of printing tactile graphics to explain complex computer concepts to my clients. I see myself using the embosser every day to allow me to do my work with greater ease, and look forward to sharing the benefits with the clients I serve.”