Production Solutions

The braille dot produced by ViewPlus embossers can be adjusted in height, allowing to adjust to the individual sensibility of the reader’s finger tip. This makes extended braille reading more enjoyable while maintaining unsurpassed detail in producing tactile graphics. The unique shape of the ViewPlus dot is proven to make braille more durable, thus allowing documents to last longer over time.

ViewPlus solutions include Windows printer drivers that will allow embossing directly from windows programs, utilizing the same process as printing to main stream color printers. What you see on the screen is what ViewPlus embossers will print, representing the color spectrum from white to black in 7 different heights of the embossed dots.

The ViewPlus Premier is also available with InkConnect, adding single sided black ink text and overprints on tactile graphics to your Braille documents allowing sighted users to read along.

Though VP embossers are compatible with other braille translation software, like Duxbury, and RTFC, ViewPlus also offers Tiger Software Suite (TSS) for braille translation, tactile graphics design, and more. TSS allows the user to create braille documents in standard Windows programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel without needing to know braille.