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Version for Blind and Visually Impaired

Address: 141195 Fryazino, Moscow Region 3A Zavodskoy proezd, Russian Federation

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Make your life more comfortable with the shop “Accessible Environment”!

On our site you will find lots of interesting and useful devices and accessories that are sure to be useful for the blind, visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired people, as well as for the elderly and disabled.

Internet-shop “Accessible Environment” – a unique project aimed at helping people with disabilities – sight, hearing, locomotor system – in the selection of basic necessities and means of rehabilitation. All the products in our shop, which is more than 1000 items, sorted by the specialized sections: “The goods for the hearing impaired”; “The goods for the visually impaired”; “Items for the disabled, the elderly. Within these large sections have sub-categories of goods, which greatly simplifies the product search. In a special section for experts in the field of hearing are the supplies needed for work on the screening and audiological equipment.By purchasing our products, you make your life easier and more comfortable. Your loved ones will appreciate your care and attention, if you buy the products for them.