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How to Select a Braille Embosser

Teachers of the visually impaired (TVI) are periodically faced with the need to procure a braille embosser to enable student development. Simply asking the procurement function, special education department, or administration of your school system to acquire more of the same printer model you already use (assuming you have used one in the past) can […]

The Tyranny of the Status Quo

If you are a teacher of the visually impaired, you are likely very busy. In addition to the actual teaching time required to instruct your student, you need to plan and tailor their lessons, coordinate with the school district and classroom teacher, attend administrative meetings, construct lesson-related teaching materials, meet with parents and other members […]

Realizing the Achievement Potential of the Blind & Visually Impaired Individual

This foundational blogpost is the first of a continuing series that will offer innovative perspectives, learning approaches, and identify assisted learning technologies that will enable the realization of the under-developed potential of the visually impaired worldwide. Both parents and teachers cannot help but hope, and tirelessly work toward the goal of opening up the world […]

From the CEO, week 5 on accessibility: Progress but slow

Hey Tiger Nation, This week the blog feels more like work than the exciting journey I had envisioned when starting it a month ago. Making Email Distributions Accessible I spent time trying to make sure our MailChimp emails were accessible.  It is tough for me since I don’t regularly use a screen reader. With NVDA […]

From the CEO, week 4 on accessibility: The good news keeps on rolling

Hey Tiger Nation, It might not compete with the US presidential primary politics, but it was a huge week for accessibility in the blind community. Amazon and National Federation of the Blind announced they will join forces to improve accessible reading experiences for blind and low-vision students,   Learn from my Mistakes I’m only […]

From the CEO, week 3 on accessibility: focus and awareness not enough

Hey Tiger Nation, I wanted to have great progress to report to you on my attempt to make the 2015 ViewPlus Annual Report totally accessible, not just in a check the box kind of way. My dad was able to take the org chart PDF saved from Visio and create an SVG with it, but […]