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See for yourself how we’re using our variable dot heights and patterns to represent color in tactile graphics, and learn how our embossers can make your information truly accessible.

We met at TTAP, I work in a long term care with a woman with VI. We currently use a hot glue gun on coloring sheets to allow her the opportunity to participate in activities with her peers. She really loved this coloring book and, thanks to the braille labeled crayons you provided, she was as independent in completing this activity as she has ever been! Thanks so much!!”

Kim Ford
Woman holding a colored-in butterfly coloring book page

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  • The Double-Edged Sword of AI Adoption
    Is it morally and ethically appropriate to use ChatGPT (or similar AI system) for work and education-related written communications? With both a pre-teen and a full-fledged teenager at home attempting to use ChatGPT for homework assignments (contrary to my advice regarding its negative impact on their ability  to problem solve and think critically), I have…
  • In Memorium
    In memorium,Ormond (Norm) T. Galvin Norm Galvin passed away on Sunday, August 27th after a long illness. Norm was a good friend and long-time cheerleader for ViewPlus. He served on the ViewPlus Board of Directors for a number of years where his understanding of sales and marketing was a valuable resource. We will miss him.
  • Introducing Tactile Coloring Book: Wild Animals & Free Download Option!
    Since the successful release of our Tactile Coloring Book, we have been overwhelmed by the support and excitement from our wonderful community. In response to your enthusiasm, we wasted no time in working on two exciting initiatives: Tactile Coloring Book Volume 2 and providing free downloads for those who wish to print their own copies…

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